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Member Learning Programme – Jun – Dec 2018

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) – 1 day

·  Learn about the background to PBS

·  Gain an understanding of the relationship between PBS and existing good-practice theory and guidance.

·  Explore a range of definitions for “challenging behaviour” and develop an awareness of the dangers of considering challenging behaviour as a label and consider why some people may have a “vulnerability” or “propensity” to behaviour described as “challenging”.

· Gain a basic understanding of how behaviours work

· Explore triggers and antecedents to difficult / challenging behaviours

· Discuss some of the skills required to implement Positive Behaviour Support


Autism Awareness – 1 day

·  Learn about the history, language and terminology in relation to autism

·  Causes of Autism? – Myths and misunderstanding, genetics, brain difference, new developments

·  Statistics, prevalence and  diagnosis

·  An ‘autistic spectrum’ – ranges of functioning and impairment

·  Characteristics of Autism in relation to social interaction, communication and imagination/flexible thinking

·  Associated problems, conditions and impairments (communication, challenging behaviour, sensory issues, stereotypical or obsessive behaviours, movement difference etc)

·  Helpful responses – What can we do?


Get that Job! – 1 day

Explores your strengths and skills and helps you demonstrate those on your job application form.

Power to be You – 1 day

This is a confidence building workshop that will help you improve your self esteem and learn more about UNISON’s development opportunities.


CV Writing – 1 day

This one day workshop will cover the aim of a CV, the contents and format, writing personal statements and cover letters/letters of application to accompany your CV.


Interview Skills – 1 day

This one day workshop will help you prepare for an interview; including what to take with you, look at potential questions asked at interview and how to answer them, plus the questions to ask at an interview and useful tips that lead to job offers.

Mental Health Awareness – 1 day

This course will help you to understand the historic approaches to mental health and how we address the issue today.  You will discuss the possible causes of mental health problems, and develop an awareness of common types of mental health conditions (inc. psychosis / neurosis / paranoia / affective disorders / schizophrenia / personality disorder etc.).


You will discuss the language used when addressing mental health, the use of terminology, appropriate communication methods, challenge public perceptions, attitudes and media portrayal and how we can support those affected by mental health issues.


Confidence Skills – 1 day

This course will help you to understand what confidence means and understand how to develop a positive self identity.  The course will look at:

·  Assertive behaviour

·  Passive behaviour

·  Aggressive behaviour

·  Improving confidence through communication skills

·  Building a positive view of yourself

·  Setting goals

·  Decision-making

·  Expressing your own ideas and opinions


Challenging Racism in Schools – 1 day

This one day workshop is delivered by ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ – a charity working throughout the UK delivering anti racism workshops to young people and schools staff.


The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness of the consequences of racism and the effects on young people.  This is an opportunity for school support staff to improve their knowledge and gain new skills to confidently discuss racism and promote equality in their classroom and the whole school.  This workshop will cover:

· How to educate young people about racism through group activities

· Understanding the effects of hate crime

· How to recognise, respond to and report racist incidents in school

· Understanding terminology – exploring the history of terms & understanding what is acceptable


Date Course Title: Location
22/09/18 Positive Behaviour Support Cardiff
26/09/18 Autism Awareness Colwyn Bay
29/09/18 Autism Awareness Cardiff
3/10/18 Autism Awareness Swansea
6/10/18 Mental Health Awareness Colwyn Bay
6/10/18 Stress & Anxiety Management Cardiff
13/10/18 Get that Job Swansea
13/10/18 Interview Skills Colwyn Bay
29/09/18 Stress & Anxiety Management Llandrindod Wells
20/10/18 Interview Presentations (inc Powerpoint) Cardiff
3/11/18 Confidence Skills Cardiff
10/11/18 Power to be You Cardiff
10/11/18 Stress & Anxiety Management Colwyn Bay
17/11/18 Mental Health Awareness Cardiff
24/11/18 Stress & Anxiety Management Swansea

Interview Presentations (inc Powerpoint) – 1 day

This one day workshop aims to:

·    Prepare to give an effective confident presentation for the interview situation.

·    Examine the structure of a basic presentation

·    Discuss what makes a good presentation

·    Use PowerPoint to enhance a presentation

·    Practise presentations

Stress & Anxiety Management – 1 Day

·  Understand the terms ‘anxiety’, ‘panic attack’ and stress.

·  Understanding causes and symptoms of anxiety  and stress. .

·  How anxiety and stress can affect the individual and the individual’s friends and family.

·  How different ways of thinking and behaving can affect anxiety and stress.

·  How anxiety and stress can be managed.

Further details on each course can be obtained from Sheila Morris

Please click here to download the Member Learning Programme June 18 – Dec 18