Those of us who work in the FE sector know we need a pay rise. Over the last few years we have had pay increases of 1%, while inflation has been higher than this. My pay and yours too, now buys less than it did. The national UNISON website has a handy pay calculator that shows how much our pay would be if it had kept up with inflation over the years since 2010. You can find it here


This year we asked the employers to give us a pay rise, to match inflation and then give us 1% extra, or £800, whichever is greater. They offered us just 1% again, this is an effective pay cut as it means we can buy less with our wages than we could last year.


Because we feel that we are all worth more than this we have balloted you our members, urging you to reject this pay offer.


I look forward to letting you know the results of this.


CAVC Convener