Your Branch

All officers and reps can be contacted at 02920 872580 or via email

Branch Secretary: Emma Garson

Branch Chairperson: Pete Davies

Deputy Branch Chairperson: Dave Padmore

Deputy Branch Secretary: Hilary Williams

Branch Treasurer: Peter King

Deputy Treasurer: Bob Nash

Schools Convener: Rhian Hartwell

Young Members Officer: 

Health & Safety Officer: Jo Rao

Cardiff Bus Convener: Dave Padmore

Black Members Officer: Aisha Namurach 

Communications Officer:

International Officer: Sam Wilding 

Education Officer: Mark Isaac

Equality Officer: Natalie Forbes-Smalley

Disabled Members’ Officer: Kai Monroe

Welfare Officer: Carol O’Byrne

Women’s Officer: Rebecca Head

Lesbian & Gay Members’ Officer: Helen O’Sullivan / Kai Monroe

Labour Link: Maggie Simpson

Membership Officer: Hilary Williams

Young Members’ Officer:

Sports and Social: